E-Commerce and M-Commerce

Another sector of communication is E-commerce and M-commerce. This is recent technology that has developed due to the end users desire for the ability to purchase goods from home via the internet. E-commerce is the ability to buy and sell goods via the internet. It has revolutionized the way companies do business. Now we don’t need to leave our homes to purchase a car, get a loan, or shop. The introduction of devices such as smartphones and tablets in recent years also called has affordeecommerced us the luxury of purchasing items from almost anywhere this is known as M-commerce or mobile commerce. This is a fairly new technology that allows consumers to purchase and shop online from their mobile devices. There are many concerns with M-commerce and its ability to keep banking data secure. The first line of security starts with the user and requires that they create secure passwords to help prevent fraudulent activities on their accounts. Today’s mobile devices allows you to scan bar codes, check for sales, or even pay or receive banking transactions for your business.   E-commerce and M-commerce are changing the way we buy and sell goods.

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